How to find leads for business?

Preferred channels for customers to contact the company for banks / financial organizations and e-commerce: telephone / SMS, Email, Live Chat, Social Media.
Traditional services are also beginning to experience strong competition from cloud services. More and more companies are turning to the cloud to solve customer service problems, preferring cloud services to software and hardware solutions to solve problems located on their site. Modern technologies are better, more flexible and easier to scale, compared to traditional products. And in a complex or unstable economic situation, cloud contact centers become a convenient and profitable solution that allows to minimize risks and to transfer capital costs to operational ones.
Almost 30% of the participants in Aberdeen research, who use contact centers in different countries, plan to move to the cloud model. According to statistics, the use of cloud contact centers allows to increase the Client Retention Rate by 57%, and increase customer satisfaction by 12.6%, the success of the first interaction (First Contact Resolution) – by 4.6%, and the productivity of operators – by 4.3%. It is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of work with incoming applications while reducing transaction costs.